NICOMAC, world leader in CleanRoom market, developed a NEW innovative patented automatic sanitation system with hydrogen peroxide and silver ions solution customized for the pharmaceutical-nutraceutical-hospital field.


The production batch, the quantity of solution used relative to the selected cleanroom, the operator and the technologies used in the sanitation activities are automatically stored on the MICRODEFENDER platform in real time by a GPRS communication system wireless or ethernet.
At the same time a certificate is issued attesting the result of the test carried out.


The solution 99% biodegradable, non toxic and non corrosive. Exclusive solution with 11% of hydrogen peroxide and silver ions and 5µ atomized particle size guarantees an excellent dry environment saturation with full sanitation, thus ensuring a perfect application on every point of the exposed surface (effect of VAN DER WAALS forces).


The monitoring of sanitation activities is entrusted to the network platform which, on the basis of an operational protocol agreed with the customer, allows a quick checking of the information, a planning of the sanitation activities to be carried out with relative control on the effective execution of the planned activities.


The customer only pays for the consumption actually used, the service includes:

  1. Enabling an univocal identification of a defined environment
  2. Self-calibration of device, delivery of the active principle according to the information detected during the environmental identification phase
  3. Delivery of the active principle-Ionization-Catalysis
  4. Acquisition of information related to the product and device used, date and time of treatment
  5. Processing of a file and a certificate of sanitation process
  6. Free SWAP for microbiological check with first supplys


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