Coater with a unique design, with a solid drum and 3D baffles.The Solid Wall Coater model of our Superior pharmaceutical coating systems line is able to film and sugar coat cores of any shape and size, perform pellet production and even their powder layering.

bassina coppa liscia

SWC PREMIUM Nicomac Solid wall coater design, combined with the unique Blow Master system™ (it. Patent MI 2002A002542) has unsurpassed coating process performance for tablets and pellets.

VERSATILITY – Nicomac Elite coaters have the ability to work at 15% of the maximum batch capacity, in the same drum without any modification. Any kind of core shape can be coated in the solid wall drum: cylindrical, oblong, round, oval spheroid, pellets, hard and soft capsule. Any size: form 400µ of powder, to 2mm tablets to big size.

  • Aqueous and organic solvent film coating
  • Enteric coating
  • Modified release drug delivery
  • Sugar coating
  • Pellets manufacturing process

Short process time

Blow Master™ is able to drive, in a very balanced and controlled way, the drying air close to the core’s bed with high drying efficiency. Blow master can be automatically oriented to the core’s bed according to batch size and process phase.
Blow Master™ allows 50% utilities saving compared with traditional system. The outlet funnel is positioned in opposite angle at 120° guaranteeing a fast-controlled drying without turbulence near the spraying area minimizing product loss.

Perfect mixing

“3D Shark fin baffles™” combines the highest mixing efficiency with very gentle product handling guaranteeing an even distribution of spraying solution and high drying efficiency. Nicomac baffles are suitable for all type of product and batch size. No spare baffles are required.

Spraying system

The spraying system is designed with an easy removable sliding guns-arm through the front window, for easy maintenance and cleaning. Guns can be positioned as close as necessary to the tablets bed, by means of a pantograph design exclusive device. Spray angle and pattern can be automatically adjusted via the control system.

Fully contained coater for high potency product

In the last decade, Nicomac developed customized coaters for high potency product under isolator. We believe that for this kind of products, only the solid wall coater, without perforation, is able to guarantee a real air tight system. Machine body, including the maintenance area is completely contained to avoid any possible operator exposure. A special washing system inside the drum and in the maintenance, area is able to guarantee a perfect and fully contained cleaning process.

Easy - fast - realiable cleaning

No perforation in the drum guarantees easy cleaning with any kind of process. In a solid wall drum the water during rotation allows a perfect cleaning thank to mechanical effect reducing the water consumption.