Nicomac is the answer to your tablet coating project needs. Our equipment are able to work any kind of shape of cores, tablets, pellets and any kind of process as film coating Eudragit NE 30 D pellet coating, Eudragit L30 D55 enteric coating, Eudragit RL control release, Colorcon Opadry, Sepic, Hpm606 and we have the best system for sugar coating

  • Film coating
  • Sugar coating
  • Pellet manufacturing process

Please call us your to discuss your specific requirements.
We will be glad to arrange a trial demonstrating the high performance and high quality of our coating systems.

  • Premium state of the art of coater
  • Ergonomic sliding arm for spray guns
  • Unique 3d baffle for perfect mixing
  • Flexibility from 15% to 100% of the working capacity
  • Lei low environmental impact thanks to less utilties consumption
  • High process performance
  • Wide range of models from 5 to 2000 kg
  • Ability to work any kind of product any kind of process
  • Easy cleaning
  • 40 years’ experiences in coating process
  • 3 years of guarantee
  • Any coating test available in lab and production equipment up to 250 kg.

Nicomac Coating Systems Capacity

Mod. Elite mod. ClassicTotal capacity (liters)Useful capacity (liters)Min. load suggested (liters)
LAB 9.9129.91
LAB 1520153
LAB 3045286
LAB 50604610