Nicomac “plug and play” coating solution: “Easy Coater” 1 day for installation start up.
EasyCoater is the way to combine the high quality of a European Sugar and Film Coating system with a very competitive pricing:

  • Siemens PLC control system with PC with Monitor 17″ for a completely automated process, up to 49 recipes with 100 phases CFR21 part 11
  • Only Dust Collector and exhaust fan in customer the technical area, everything else is within the pan framework
  • Watson Marlow peristaltic pump with Schlick spray guns. Automatic Start and Stop Spray during film coating in the recipe
  • Batch from 20% to 100%, without any modification or need to change the drum with the same performances
  • Fully automatic product unloading system, only by reversing the coating pan rotation direction
  • Perfect and gentle mixing of the product with our exclusive ” 3D shark fin baffles” uniform distribution of the suspension and the minimum loss of product
  • AHU with electric or steam battery- Power and pneumatic board
  • HMI Human Machine Interface (Panel PC Monitor) Integrated into the front with mobile arm, software keyboard and printer on line
  • HI drying efficiency – Solid wall coating pan: easy to clean,perfect mixing, no cross contamination
  • One day start up

A price competitive solution where easy to install is a requirement and “built to basic requirements for film coating” is satisfactory.