HPL Walls

HPL (high pressure laminate) is the perfect material for wall and ceiling panels for your cleanroom. Nicomac HPL modular cleanroom walls are a composite construction of two skins of high-pressure plastic laminate consisting of layers of cellulose fibres that are impregnated with resins and subjected to a high-pressure process consisting in the simultaneous application of heat and pressure. This causes, at the same time, the fluidization and polycondensation of the resins, resulting in a homogeneous, anti-scratch, non-porous, antibacterial material with flush finish with any kind of accessories built in. Panel is completely sealed with aluminium framework

  • High mechanical anti-scratch cleanroom material for high resistance to surface wear.
  • return air system incorporated to the wall.
  • Flush with any kind of accessories built in.
  • Even when badly damaged by great mechanical forces, the core material exposed to the cleanroom is the same one that has been tested for resistance to highly aggressive cleaning, sanitizing and sterilizing agents (i.e. Steris Sporklenz).
  • Unique materials make easy panel cutting and possible jobsite modification during wall installation.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • 5 years guarantee:

Glass Walls

More and more FDA and European standards are asking for full visibility of the cleanroom areas. This requirement is to reduce the need of accessing the cleanrooms, thus reducing the possibility of contamination caused by people. The glass wall system, used for clean room walls, also enhances the working environment for the operators by increasing luminosity. It is also proved that operators put more care in handling operations in areas with full glass cleanroom walls.

Attractive and fully visible glass cleanroom wall systems can be supplied in any size requested. With
Nicomac patent pending MI 8009A001281, the glass can be easily assembled and disassembled for equipment integration without the need to remove ceiling and flooring profiles.

For secondary areas, Nicomac developed a fully or half glazed open space separation wall with dedicated rounded aluminum profiles.

  • A true modular cleanroom system
  • full visibility and access to natural light
  • Cleanroom system with unique attractive design
  • Easy to supervise operations in the cleanroom area

Metal Walls (uPVC coated)

Metal panels are adopted when it is required a higher fire reaction and to uniform the cleanroom with the equipment, along with doors/windows in it. The material, other than being resistant and easy to clean, can be treated with silver ions to make it antibacterial and has the option to be coated with uPVC.

  • High mechanical resistance due to high thickness and PVC coating
  • 45mm- 82mm with return air incorporated
  • Resistant to low humidity and to High RH humidity variations
  • Non silicone caulking and cold welds systems are available for both uPVC and powder coated panels
  • Resistant to very aggressive cleaning and sanitizing agent. Easy cleaning
  • 5 years’ guarantee

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