Nicomac T - Grid type

Nicomac unique T-grid walks on clean room suspended ceilings consist of a load-bearing structure made of aluminum suitable to support ceiling panels, lights and filter units. The T-grid is supported by threaded tension rod with adjustable turnbuckles that are fastened to the overhead support at 4 intervals. There is a selection of two standard panel sizes: 2′ x 2′ (610 x 610 mm) or 2′ x 4′ (610 x 1210 mm).

Tiles for Nicomac clean room ceilings can be designed to be flush to the grid. Depending on the type of tile used the entire clean room ceiling system can be certified as walk on (single load of 160 Kg (352 Lb) in a square meter) false ceiling and situated in the most unfavorable static position.

Nicomac pharmaceutical T grid false ceilings can be also supplied NOT WALKABLE when ceiling maintenance is provided from the room. Dedicated less expensive pharmaceutical tiles are used in this case.

Advantages of Nicomac unique walk on T grid system

  • T grid system doesn’t require cut outs and frame for filters and light fixtures
  • Flexibility while positioning filters and light fixtures
  • Flush to the grid walk on system
  • 8 mm Ø threaded tension rod
  • Heavy duty walk on GRID