Hermetic false suspended ceiling

1250 mm x 2-5000 mm false ceiling panels (4’x 10′-20′)

This is a hermetic walk on false suspended ceiling for cleanrooms. Flexible and easy to assemble, it can be installed before or after wall cleanroom installation, sitting on top of the walls or leaving the walls protruding above ceiling, room by room. This kind of false ceiling is made by means of polyurethane or rockwool panels sandwiched between two layers of metal plates. Both sides are pre-painted with epoxy powder coating. All sides are closed by aluminum frame.
The result is a perfectly smooth and coplanar clean room surface that is very easy to clean. The bearing aluminum profile is housed by clicking-in between panels. There is a threaded tension bar, with an adjustment ring, to be fastened to the existing ceiling.

  • Framework for cleanroom filters and light fixture
  • Certified walk on ceiling panel 160kg. in one square meter (live load)
  • Minimization of joints
  • Nice aesthetics, nice looking.
  • High mechanical resistance
  • Cleanroom ceiling 5 years’ guarantee