Nicomac line of IBC includes intermediate bulk containers of high quality at competitive prices, for API or oral solid dosage facility. We offer a wide range of models with both round and rectangular shape. Nicomac IBC design is suitable for Nicomac or other manufacturer’s tumbler or other handling equipment. Material traceability certificates are part of our standard documentation package.

IBC interface through butterfly or split valve with mills, sieves, mixers, roller compaction or other process equipment is customized according each single facility requirements to optimize the granulation and the handling process. Interface with weight loss of weight gain stations for automatic product loading or unloading by gravity or vacuum.

  • Pharmaceutical execution for cGMP compliance
  • Competitive price
  • Material traceability
  • Wide range of butterfly and split valves
  • For powder, tablets, pellets, and wet cake
  • Nitrogen purging
  • High containment design interface
  • CIP WIP system for inside and outside cleaning

BIN Tumbler Capacity

Nicotumbler NicoBin capacities (l) Additional NicoBin capacities
Junior 40-60-100 20
Medium 400-500-600 200-300
Senior SFA 700-1000 -
Senior SFB 1000-1500 700
Senior SFC 1500-2000 700-1000

Please call us to discuss your granulating requirements.
We will be glad to arrange a trial demonstrating the high performance and high quality of our granulating systems and provide a highly competitive proposal.