NicoBed ™ Fluid Bed Dryer – Granulator combines unique design with unmatched granulation performance. Our system has achieved worldwide success in both the Pharmaceutical and API industries.

Nicomac Nicobed™ unique TWISTER™ design which pushes the air in controlled motion through the product bed. In this way it guarantees uniform granulation and reduced process times.

The winning key in Nicomac’s fluid bed dryer with the TWISTER™ system (it. Patent pending) is the right combination of an accurate controlled air direction flow with the exact air speed to minimize the pressure drop in the fluid bed, to ensure a perfectly balanced process preventing granule agglomeration and allowing a uniform and fast growing of the granule with low and controlled moisture residual. The TWISTER™ action, with low pressure drop, improves the efficiency of the filters of the dryers and allow very fast process.

Fluid bed dryers can be provided with an automatic dosing system for binding solution. Unique “AIR BUBBLE SYSTEM” guarantees even distribution that does not require size calibration.
Fluidized bed drying process is controlled with a balanced drying system, air flow controlled by means AC frequency control and monitoring on line humidity inlet out let air.

The Nicomac design allows an easy validation process. Clean-in-place either through a built in system or through Nicomac CIP WIP movable Skid™.
Nicomac fluid bed can be designed to be installed in high containment granulation lines for both R&D labs or production.

  • Uniform reproducibility of high-quality batches
  • Easy scale up to higher capacity units
  • Easy to validate cleaning process
  • Homogenous granules
  • Gentle product handling
  • Pharmaceutical execution for cGMP compliance
  • Unique fluid bed TWISTER™ AIR FLOW design to reduce process time
  • AC inverters for precise air flow controls of the fluidized bed dryer process
  • Execution for hazardous areas for organic solvent processing
  • Inflatable seals with interlocking device to control correct bowl position
  • In house R&D for your product development
  • Fluid bed granulators available in large variety of capacities
  • Perfect control of air turbulence in tangential way with very low pressure drop
  • Uniform distribution of binder solution on each single granule
  • Fluid bed with the ability to granulate soluble and hygroscopic materials
  • Fluid bed with the ability to granulate fine particles
  • A more stable, reliable, repeatable, consistent granulation
  • Very fast processing time
  • No clogging of the guns and filters
  • No product loss and high yield
  • With the majority of formulations, it is possible to avoid the use of the high shear mixer and the sizing mill

NicoBed TW

Models Container volume lt FBD diameter Ø mm FBD height mm Standard weight kg
8 20 500 1850 500
12 34 600 2200 850
65 165 700 3000 1500
125 330 850 4280 2800
205 520 1060 4730 3100
310 810 1200 4920 3550
605 1380 1600 5600 4600