Anti-seismic false ceilings for cleanrooms
Nicomac Europe and Hilti’s solutions

The law clearly shows the responsibilities linked to the installation of a ceiling. First of all, they are in charge of the installe, who must create a solution in compliance with the law and calculated to compensate the seismic actions. Secondly they are a responsibility of the designer and client. Therefore, the Company must provde an adequate wand safe workplace for its work and is responsible for the missing compliance to the laws.

Nicomac Europe and Hilti’s standard solutions are designed to be repeatable. They are classified in 2 different types: walkable and non-walkable false ceiling hangings and structures. Furthermore, seismic hazard zones have been identified based on the currenti italian seismic law (1-2-3 zones). The seismic supports for the false ceiling are arranged based on the seismic zone on which the building is located, with a regular mesh.

European laws
Eurocodes made by CEN
ETAG documents (EOTA ed EAD)

North-American laws
Asce 7

Italian laws
Technical Laws for buildings, published on Gazzetta Ufficiale januray 17th 2018 (NTC2018)
Guidelines for the reduction of vulnerability of non-structrual elements, furnitures and implantations (Relius guidelines), of Civil Protection

The experience in Italy is essential, since generally the laws of our Country are more rigid and specific, precisely for the italian seismic history. The solutions developed from the partnership between Nicomac Europe and Hilti are also replicable outside national territory: it is possible to replicate and utilize the best suited solution, based on the determination of the seismic action and the technical requisites demanded by the various Countries.