Nicomac Europe is international leader in the modular Pharmaceutical cleanroom design, build and installation. Our controlled contamination environments, made with the exclusive Hipharma design, are suited for certified (ISO 5, ISO 7, ISO 8 e CNC) and non certified phamaceutical and cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) areas.

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Our service includes:

A highly professional team applies over 45 years of design experience to supply: preliminar study, base engineering and detailed engineering.

We share our established experience in the cleanroom sector to supply our clients the best designing and technical consulting.

We work with client companies in all logistical aspects. Wherever you are, we ensure the service from our factory to your lab.

Our installation team is composed by a highgly specialized and constantly formed staff, used to work in GMP environments

Our company follows the client in all the project phases, ensuring assistance even when it comes to validation actions.

Our widespread network of aftersales assistance can answer 24/7 and ensures quick interventions, reducing to the minimum the risks of a production stop.

For informations, clarifications or details, our team is at your disposal.

Nicomac Europe pharmaceutical cleanrooms features

Our controlled contamination environments represent the best offered by the market for food supplements and drugs production, even in case of API high-potent and dangerous substances use.

  • The high quality of the used prime matters ensures the highest mechanical resistance and to cleaning agents
  • The excellent finishings and the care for every detail ensure maximum cleanability and the best image towards clients, management, inspectors and control
  • The great experience in the production of modular cleanrooms offers the highest levels of flexibility and the safety of trustinig a single partner for turn-key projects, even of great systems
  • HVAC and air filtering (HEPA and ULPA) systems, paired with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) ensure the respect of the required international standards and the maximum safety for operators and end users

A single responsible partner for turn-key projects

Nicomac Europe is the only company that builds both cleanrooms and oral solid forms production systems, for coating and granulation. Thanks to this exceptional expertise we can supply the complete management of turn-key production projects, proposing ourselves as single prime contractor in the supply and installation of complete lines and systems, even in case of important and complex projects.

BIM – Building Informational Modeling

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Nicomac Certified Quality

Nicomac Europe is international leader in the cleanroom sector and in the coating and granulation systems. TIts productive excellence and the reliability of its services are recognized in 65 Countries in the world, in which were completed over 1.800 projects. The North-american market is given to the partner Nicos Group, part of the Nicomac Group, for the distribution and installation.