Nicomac line of mills and pharmaceutical sieve equipment for powder processing in API or oral solid dosage facility is the right answer when high quality at competitive prices is a required for your dry powder milling and sieving process.

Please call us to discuss your granulating requirements.
We will be glad to arrange a trial demonstrating the high performance and high quality of our granulating systems and provide a highly competitive proposal.

  • Pharmaceutical execution for cGMP compliance
  • Compact dimension for easy interface
  • The seal on the rotation shaft inside the milling chamber is of dry mechanical type with possibility of fluxing it by compressed air or nitrogen.
  • High mechanical tolerances of the rotating blade of calibration
  • Low quantity of residual product at the end of working
  • Competitive price
  • Part in contact with product in AISI 316 L, mirror glass polished 320 support part or motor cover in AISI 304
  • Wide range of butterfly and split valves to connect to inlet and outlet process equipment
  • High containment design interface

Thanks to its reduced dimensions, it finds easy application directly connected to process machines, or applied to the discharge of fluid bed dryer bowls, in line to pneumatic transports to the discharge of wet granulators etc.
In addition to our line of pharmaceutical colloid mill, Nicomac also offers a wide range of sieve equipment for calibration and size reduction for a variety of requirements.