PHD line of Nicomac products for turn-key granulation includes a wide range of dispensing units. The equipment can be designed addressing high containment requirements using RABS, Isolation technology or glove box or, for standard dispensing using down flow booths, for both decontamination or operator protection during weighing operation. Major characteristics of Nicomac down cross unit:

  • Unidirectional vertical laminar flow Class ISO5 (Class100 according to FS 209 E)
  • Stainless steel AISI 304 structure
  • Dynamic gasket to guarantee the perfect sealing of the filters
  • Down cross is equipped with N°3 fans with AC frequency control
  • Inlet air: prefilter Eu3 and HEPA filter EU14 on inlet and outlet air
  • Stainless steel power control IP55 or NEMA 4
  • Cooling coil
  • Magnehelic for differential pressure control
  • Digital display for air velocity- air flow- Alarm ΔP for filters
  • Digital thermoregulator
  • Drop light fixture IP40 500 lux
  • Antistatic PVC curtains
Nicomac dispensing unit for pharmaceutical solid dosage process

Nicomac down cross dispensing unit for pharmaceutical solid dosage process can be integrated with bar code reading units and with table scale from 0 to 6 Kg (weighed field of 1200/6100 g accuracy) or industrial scales for weighing system of IBC’s or drums.

  • High quality of finishing for pharmaceutical execution for cGMP compliance
  • Competitive price
  • Hi containment – isolation technology – material transfer design available
  • Network of worldwide representative for excellent after sales service and fast trouble shooting
  • IQ and OQ documentation according cGMP rules
  • Customized solutions