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Nicomac Europe: a story of italian success.

The success of a company born in 1977 and since then founded on solid, familiar, professional and enterpreneurial basis. In its first 45 years Nicomac established itself among international market leaders of cleanroom, coating and granulation systems for pharmaceutical, healthcare and life science industries, making over 1800 projects in 65 Countries around the world and offering itself as global partner and only reference for big oral solid forms departments projects. The unanimously recognized  excellence by market players of Nicomac’s Certified Quality, paired with the support of an expert and prepared team, allowed Nicomac Europe to reach great results and clients satisfaction, in many cases companies with FDA/EMA approval.

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At our core, our people

Nicomac Europe, with its partners and clients, builds and sustains long term relationships that become partnerships. The company has ever since put at the core of its values the respect for people: for the working group – highly professional and constantly formed, stimuled and gratified by a safe, positive and dynamic workplace – and for companies that turn to Nicomac Europe for single requests from productive lines (HI Cleanrooms, NCS coating systems, PHD granulators, HP high-potent isolators) as much as big turnkey projects of whole productive systems, always ensuring the highest quality and the best quality-price ratio.

Tomaso Nigris, CEO Nicomac Europe

Tomaso Nigris

Giovanni Gianola, Business Development Nicomac Europe

Giovanni Gianola
Business Development

Vladimiro Sommaruga, Product Manager Nicomac Europe

Vladimiro Sommaruga
HI Product Manager

Francesco Sicuro, Product Manager Nicomac Europe

Francesco Sicuro
NCS Product Manager

All Nicomac Europe projects are based on:

  • Controlled and certified design
  • Care for each detail
  • Respect of production and installation times
  • Quick and reactive communication
  • Passion and professionality

Nicomac Europe’s HQ is in Liscate, near Milan. Nicos Group Inc, our american branch, operates from Norwood, NJ, supplying services of sales, assistance and installation of Nicomac Europe products and Icos Pharma cleaning and sterilization equipment.

Nicomac Certified Quality

Prime matters, technologies and processes. Everything, from the productive site to the installation phases, must answer to the very high quality standards imposed by Nicomac Europe. Always demanding the best from itself and its suppliers is what allowed the milan-based company to reach and consolidate a solid international reputation which makes Nicomac Certified Quality a recognized assurance mark.

The production is ISO 9001:2015 compliant.