The sanitization system DS/DS 2.0 performs an aerosolization of the WHP202 product (formulation based on Hydrogen Peroxide and silver ions). It has shown excellent microbicide effectiveness, through a short contact time (after 5 mins there is an average kill of 5 log), for bacteria, fungi, mycetes, viruses and spores, in accordance with European Standards developed by CEN (European Normalization Committee), such as EN 13727, EN 14561, EN 14348, EN 144476 and EN 14347. The use of this system also allows for full adherence to the provisions of all existing EU legislation on the subject.

  • ENVIROMENTALY FRIENDLY: biodegradable product over 99%, free of toxicity and non-corrosive.
  • EFFECTIVE: the size of the atomized product particles (5 µ) ensures an excellent saturation of the treated environment, taking care of the perfect application on every cm2 of exposed surface
  • EASY TO USE: it only takes one hour for 350 m3.
  • SOLUTION WHP202: is a formulation based on Hydrogen Peroxide (high-concentration oxygenated water) and silver ions, the same used in hospitals for COVID19 treatment. The system sprays the amount necessary to fully saturate the environment through a QRCODE.
  • COMPACT: easy to transport.
  • COMPLIANT: accordance with the European Standards drawn up by the European Normalization Committee (CEN), such as EN 13727, EN 14561, EN 14348, EN 144476 and EN 1434.
  • DRY: at the end everything stays dry
  • CERTIFICATION: at the end of the treatment, a certification is issued attesting to the performed sanitization, location, name of the operator, and date.
Sanitization system that kill coronavirus covid 19
Logo indicating the sanitization and removal of coronovirus covid-19