Discover a new dimension of coating

Nicomac presents its latest innovation in coating systems for OSD forms in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical sector.
After years of engineering and design studies, we finally created the (great little) Baby Coater: compact, plug&play, with strong visual impact and exceptional performances. Perfect for testing, product development, small production and educational demonstrations.
A new dimension of coating is born.

The advantages of the most compact machine on the market

Interchangeable perforated stainless steel drum.

Extractable arm with nano Schlick gun.

Process air temperature and pressure controlled.

Exhaust hepa filter.

Hardware Features:

  • Size: 750 x 500 x 650 mm.
  • Consumption: 1500W
  • Batch: 1 to 5 kilos, interchangeable perforated drum
  • AirFlow: 330m3/h
  • Air process temperature: up to 70°C – 158°F
  • Motor fan speed control
  • Drum speed control 0-12 rpm
  • Touch screen 7” user friendly interface

Software Features:

  • Monitoring of temperature and air pressure
  • Filters clogging visualization
  • Windows 11