Nicomac Europe cleanrooms for semiconductors can answer to each request and classificiation in relation to the production of wafers, assembly processes, incapsulation and tests, ensuring the maximum in terms of flexibility and safety

Our service includes:

A highly professional team applies over 45 years of design experience to supply: preliminar study, base engineering and detailed engineering.

We share our established experience in the cleanroom sector to supply our clients the best designing and technical consulting.

We work with client companies in all logistical aspects. Wherever you are, we ensure the service from our factory to your lab.

Our installation team is composed by a highgly specialized and constantly formed staff, used to work in GMP environments

Our company follows the client in all the project phases, ensuring assistance even when it comes to validation actions.

Our widespread network of aftersales assistance can answer 24/7 and ensures quick interventions, reducing to the minimum the risks of a production stop.

For informations, clarifications or details, our team is at your disposal.

Nicomac Europe semiconductors cleanrooms features

The long experience Nicomac Europe has in the sector of controlled contamination environments allow our companies to answer perfectly to the high productive standards and specifics required by the semiconductor and microelectronics sector. With the same approach that made us international leaders in the production of pharmaceutical, hospital and medical devices cleanrooms, we ensure to client companies the highest efficiency and safety, in compliance with the strict international regulations for industrial cleanroom and dry rooms for the production of semiconductors and microchips.

Flexibility and safety

‍Even the semiconductors manufcaturing systems follow ISO 14644-1 cleaning standards, with precise required classifications based on the type of the process, the productive sizes and the destination of productive zones. Nicomac Europe modular cleanroom systems are capable of answering correctly to each request and classification in relation of wafer production, assembly processes, incapsulation and tests.

Our company can supply to the clients a complete design and realization service of flexible and modifiable controlled contamination environments, capable of adapting through time to possible productive systems modificationsa. This aspect is particularly important in an industrial sector in constant and very quick evolution as the microelectronics one.

Nicomac Europe cleanrooms are coompliant to the following requisites:

  • High flexibility
  • Removable walls to ease the trasnfer of big sized equipment
  • High wall mechanical resistance
  • Antitstatic walls system to mantain the semiconductor manufacturing standards
  • 5 years warranty
  • Resistance to cleaning chemical agents
  • Airtightness
  • UV Lights
  • Non-retention of particles
  • Non-proliferation of polluting agents
  • Perfect integration with raised floors

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Nicomac Certified Quality

Nicomac Europe is international leader in the cleanroom sector and in the coating and granulation systems. TIts productive excellence and the reliability of its services are recognized in 65 Countries in the world, in which were completed over 1.800 projects. The North-american market is given to the partner Nicos Group, part of the Nicomac Group, for the distribution and installation.