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New life for cleanrooms with NicoFit

NicoFit is the PVC/PET adhesive multi-layer film that allows you to rapidly restore the existing cleanroom surfaces for the aesthetical and functional revamping. It’s an innovative and exclusive solution proposed by Nicomac Europe in collaboration with PWS for the pharmaceutical-healthcare-food sector. It is a rapid, effective and economic answer to the various needs of an industry that has to ensure maximum safety and functionality to its facilities.

From the problem….

Bumps, strips with trolleys and pallets, holes of instrumentation mounted on the wall and then disassembled, passages from one department to another open and then closed. There may be several reasons why cleanroom panels over time can get damaged. In addition there are the possible damages caused by sanitization products usage and accidental pouring of chemical substances used in the production.

I pannelli possono rovinarsi anche gravemente con il tempo e sostituirli spesso è costoso e lungo
Con Nicofit il pannello ritorna come nuovo ed è perfettamente lavabile e sanificabile

…to the solution

To all these eventualities the answer is NicoFit.
Thanks to the application of these multi-layer adhesive films, in fact, it is possible to restore cleanroom walls without changing and replacing the panels, ensuring continuity, functionality and aesthetic. The wall comes back as good as new and perfectly cleanable and sanitizable with hydrogen peroxide or other specific products.
All of it in short times and limited production-stop.


In a cleanroom it has been used a too aggressive cleanser that has affected the painting on the walls panel, creating bubbles. This determined the necessity of the restoration of the panels. The removal would have created big production-stop problems and a huge economic loss for the company. Nicomac Europe suggested to the client to apply the new NicoFit film to renew the walls. In this way, with the work of 4 people, 400 sqm of walls has been restored in 2 working days.
The substitution of the walls would have required more than 3 working weeks with the same team causing, furthermore, substantial logistical problems.

Made to resist

The complex multi-layer structure of the NicoFit film ensures excellent resistance, adherence and customization performances. The 4 layers of different materials are the result of 30 years of research and application (from the transportation sector to the digital decoration) from our market leader partner PWS. The PVC/PET adhesive coatings, customizable with colors, logos or other signs, are applicable, on site, on wall/ceiling panels and the external lamination protects the surface from oils, grease, acids, solvents, sanitizers (tested at the CSI testing facility with products normally used in the pharmaceutical field).

A variety of advantages

L'intervento è veloce e viene effettuato senza smontare alcun pannello


The preparation only requires some background cleaning and restoring operations and the application is performed without removing the wall system.

I film rispettano gli elevati standard di sicurezza a fuoco e fumi


The film answers to the strict UNI EN 45545 fire/smokes norms and thus it always ensures high safety standards

Nessun liquido o gas tossico e/o inquinante viene rilasciato durante l'applicazione


The film never releases any polluting gas or liquid in the environment. That makes it a great alternative to repainting solutions.

Le pellicole sono rinnovabili in qualsiasi momento e facilmente e possono essere interamente riciclate


The old film can always leave place to the new one, applying a new layer. Moreover, it is also fully recyclable.

At full color

NicoFit can renew the aesthetic of the cleanroom with a design restyle. The modular walls become decorative elements and brand-strengthening spaces. The PVC base layer can be coloured according to the needs, or printed with any type of company logo or picture. There can be implemented effective digital signage initiatives without compromising the safety and continuity of the surfaces: special or standard colours for the characterization of environments and areas, wayfinding paths and any kind of prescriptive label.


Every element added on the cleanroom surface, be it labels, hanged papers, informative signs or something else, compromises the continuity and safety of the said walls. A client of Nicomac in the pharmaceutical field has chosen to implement an effective corporate and department signage initiative, thanks to the multi-layer NicoFit films. With a single, quick intervention they obtained the functional restoration of the cleanroom walls and the integration of everything was necessary to comunicate to employees and outsiders: colors for the identification of productive zones, wayfinding paths and labels for the company saftey, printed directly on the base layer.

NicoFit: certified quality

Besides benefitting from the environmental management, safety and health and process certifications (ISO 9001, 18001, 14001), NicoFit film has been subjected to the continuous action of products normally used in the healthcare field for the daily disinfection.
In these tests the multi-layer film has been applied on an aluminum foil and submerged up until 24 hours at 40°C.

Result of the analysis performed by CSI Testing lab of Milan:
no alterations

It results inert under the action of: