For the pharmaceutical industry is more and more important to have a single partner repsonsible for the many activities, in particular for complex and important projects. The global market requires partners capable of supplying turnkey projects and Nicomac Europe is adapting with great efficacy and efficiency to this evolution, offering itself as single prime contractor in the supply and installation of complete lines and systems, thus ensuring:
Maximum tranquility: a single  reference partner for consulting design, construction, machine and systems supply, installation and validation.
Increased efficiency: function integration, multimaterial design, ease of communication, single responsible
Global scale presence: thanks to experts qualified in “turnkey” projects in various parts of the world
Quick times operativeness: thanks to new technologies that allow to make complete systems starting from the terrain in very short times

Nicomac Europe can do all of this because is the only company that builds both cleanrooms and oral solid forms production systems and because entrusts consolidated partners with great knowledge and expertise. Each partner retains its independence, ensuring quality, competency and flexibility, while Nicomac coordinates each activity.
Turnkey projects made around the world:
• Complete supply of three lines comprised of OEB5 high potent oral solid forms under isolator from dispensing to packaging
• Supply in Italy of a complete Clean Room ISO 8 system for the nutraceutical sector with mechanical system, utilities, washing and machines for the production of oral solid forms
• Supply of many turnkey projects in the USA for the pharmaceutical industry through the associated NICOS (1005 Nicomac)

Iconic of Nicomac Europe’s capability to offer itself as a global partner for turnkey projects is the actual project that the Milan-based company, specialized in both cleanrooms and oral solid forms systems, is making in Tunisie for the INPROD company. It’s about the supply of a complete ISO 8 Clean Room system for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical sectors with design, construction and installation of Nicomac certified quality cleanrooms, assistance in al, production phases with a qualified, professional and expert staff. The project, also thanks to the partnership with both local and italian companies includes, besides cleanrooms, also the supply of a mechanical HVAC system comprised of design, installation, supervision, validation and machines such as: High Shear Mixer, Fluid Bed Dryer granulator, powder mills & sieves, bin blenders, tablet press, coating system, blistering machine, capsule filling machines.

this project is the clear affirmation that Nicomac Europe has around the world. The pharmaceutical tunisian market has been an estimated 1,5 billion dollars in 2021 and should expand to a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12,9% from 2021 to 2028. It’s therefore expected that could reach 3,4 billion dollars within 2028. Nicomac Europe already knows this promising market, since it already supplied with great success for a prestigious project such as Neapolis a cleanroom to the leading company Medis. Today this ambitious project furthermore establishes the bond between Nicomac Europe’s staff and the magherb Country. A bond made of proactive collaborations and exchanges: the company has recently participated with great success at Monastir to the 8th congress organized by A3P Association in collaboration with Monastir University’s Pharmacy Department of May 12th-13th during which were proposed conferences and insights on various themes of the pharmaceutical industry and the collaboration between companies and universities. Nicomac Europe took part in it in collaboration with Climed, a consolidated partner and a company specialized in utilities and engineering services supply for air treatment and environmental validation.

Nicomac Europe, in collaboration with a greatly prestigious partner, is also capable of supplying a Modular Building Pharma, a turnkey system that, starting from the terrain, includes:
• primary metal structure with external covering panels with short design and installation times
• mechanical (HVAC) and electrical system, utilities, traditional and managin offices
• Clean Room with Nicomac ceetified quality and oral solid forms production systems

Nicomac is designing complete standard facilities with many productive capacities and dossier list for products in function of the geographical area. These projects can be replicated allowing certain costs, design costs reduction and shorter times for the realization and commercialization of the products.