Nicomac Certified Quality for the new cleanroom of Ravina's "Effervescence district". Nicomac Europe's HI modular systems have been chosen by Palladio Consulting to build the cleanroom for the new great plant of the Trentino-based company specialized in effervescent and soluble drugs study, development and production.

Sparkling bubbles are at home at Ravina. From the Spumante Metodo Classico of Cantine Ferrari to the effervescent drugs of E-Pharma Trento, pharmaceutical company that recently completed the realization of the new 5.500 square meters productive facility for an investment of over 25 millions of euros. Palladio Consulting, main contractor for the whole project, wanted Nicomac Europe to sign the 1.700 square meters of cleanroom where E-Pharma Trento carries on the study, development and production of the soluble and effervescent drugs.

“A well made work, cured in each single detail despite the impressive size”, comments Vladimiro Sommaruga, Nicomac Europe Product Specialist & Area Manager, returning from the last inspection of the by now finished construction site. “We are happy that Palladio Consulting chose our company as warranty for the best quality of E-Pharma Trento new facility’s cleanroom. It’s a very important project that involved us in the construction of 1.700 square meters of cleanroom placed on two floors, with over 2.600 square meters of metal walls for low humidity environments. Other elements to highlight are the presence of stainless steel washing rooms, stainless steel air return grills coplanar to the metal walls and conveyor belts exit fluxed from the packaging lines. I am very satisfied with the result, in particular with the quality of the processing systems integration with the modular walls”.

With the HI modular cleanroom system Nicomac Europe is international leader in the design, creation and installation of cleanrooms, specifically for the pharmaceutical sector. Thanks to the exclusive Hipharma design our cleanrooms represent a flexible, efficient and safe answer for every project, even of great size. Our solutions ensure:

  • Complete control of air flow quality
  • Maximum mechanical resistence and coplanarity
  • The best flexibility and ability of reconfiguration

Nicomac Europe Cleanrooms

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With about 1.800 projects active in over 65 Countries around the world, Nicomac Europe is internationally recognized as an excellence made in Italy. Our controlled contamination environments, made with the exclusive Hipharma design, are cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) compliant and suited for non-certified and certified (ISO 5, ISO 7, ISO 8 e CNC) pharmaceutical areas.