What does VitaFoods stands for Euronovis?
First of all, it will be an opportunity to rediscover human contact and live talking with our clients after a long time where this was not possible. We may work remotely, but human component is still fundamental. As for VitaFoods specifically, it’s a very important event in the nutraceutical sector. It gathers the majority of life science companies and people, including distributors, manufacturers, contract manufacturing organizations and final clients that market the products. For us, it’s an unmissable opportunity, a formidable international showcase; as you may know, Euronovis is specialized nutraceutical solid oral forms coating, mainly in Italy, but in the last years we are looking to strengthen our activities with foreign clients, especially at EU. We can also provide to our clients consulting services, offering, if requested, suggestions about coating type, alternative formulations development and improvement of coatings currently on the market. Also, in the last years, we are working on small scale granulation processes and we are organizing to provide a more complete service in the near future.

What innovations will be presented?
We’ll be at Geneva to present our services, to show Euronovis’ expertise and offering to whoever doesn’t yet know us internationally. Surely the major interest will be towards our activities, first of all regarding natural polymers coatings and titanium dioxide-free formulations. Final users increased attention to the naturality of products is driving the market towards more green solutions and clients ask us mainly to substitute synthetic pigments with naturally derived ones (plants, algae, etc.). The titanium dioxide case is, instead, born from recent French studies that brought to the suspension of the commercialization of food products containing TiO2. Such studies have highlighted the cancer risks of this chemical component, largely used as mattifying agent but that, given the size, could damage the DNA by penetrating into human cells. In order to provide even safer products, Euronovis offers to clients completely titanium dioxide-free solutions that keep as unaltered as possible the product’s aesthetical properties compared to previous coating formulation.

Euronovis and Nicomac Europe: what are the benefits of this partnership?
We are part of Nicomac Group and in our productive site, in the outskirts of Milan, we use Nicomac Europe’s clean rooms and machinery both for our coating and granulation activities. With Nicomac Europe, which site is a few dozen meters from our own, we have a collaboration that goes past the simple client/supplier relationship. Between the two companies there’s an exchange based on mutual support: Euronovis is a formidable and constant test bench for Nicomac Europe’s equipment and modular systems, receiving feedbacks and suggestions to technically improve their coating and granulation machines and continue to be a leading company in the national and international market. On the other way, Nicomac Europe provides Euronovis engineering technical support for the systems, ensuring immediate interventions in case of need and, therefore, an exceptional productive continuity for us and our clients. It’s important to underline how Euronovis is committed to ensure the best of innovation with major and continuous investments: this year we purchased a second “Lab 50” coating machine and, last year, an “Easy Coater 200”. For the next year is expected an ATEX 400 coating machine and a perforated 250 one. For granulation, also in 2022, we’ll purchase Nicomac Europe’s High Shear Mixer (NICOMIX 75-200) and Fluid Bed Dryer (NICOBED 120) that will allow us to complete the machine park for large scale granulation operations.