Last week CPhI Worldwide was held and Nicomac Europe enthusiastically participated, greeting this first post-Covid international event and the many market clients and players that visited its booth. Now it’s time for evaluations and the one of our Managin Director Tomaso Nigris is more than positive.

Tomaso Nigris, Nicomac Europe Managing Director

This CPhI Worldwide 2021 edition seemed really brilliant to me. It’s been a positive fair, we breathed an air full of passion and will to work well. We all waited to be back to meet everyone in person and, in our welcoming booth, we actually received many visits from “old” and new customers from Italy but from abroad as well, much more than one could have expected. Pre-Covid attendances aren’t back yet, but everyone showed great interest and positivity. Projects and agreements, which were made, matter but what also, and dare i say furthermore, matters are the direct relationships, the networking and the reinforcement of the Brand image.
And for all of this, fairs and events are irreplaceable.

That’s why we are already planning, for 2022, other important international opportunities.

The next appointment?

ACHEMA, Frankfurt – April 4th-8th 2022

Nicomac Europe @ CPhI Worldwide Milan 2021