HPL high pressure laminate is the perfect material for wall and ceiling panel for your clean room. Nicomac HPL modular cleanroom walls are a composite construction of two skins of high-pressure plastic laminate consisting of layers of cellulose fibres that are impregnated with resins and subjected to a high-pressure process consisting in the simultaneous application of heat and pressure. This causes at the same time the fluidization and polycondensation of the resins, resulting in a homogeneous, anti-scratch, non-porous material, antibacterial with flush finish with any kind of accessories built in. Panel is completely sealed with aluminium framework

  • High mechanical ANTI SCRATCH clean room material for High resistance to surface wear.
  • Wall incorporated return air system.
  • Flush with any kind of accessories built in.
  • Even when badly damaged by great mechanical forces, the core material exposed to the cleanroom is the same one that has been tested for resistance to highly aggressive cleaning, sanitizing and sterilizing agents (i.e. Steris Sporklenz).
  • Unique material makes easy panel cutting and possible jobsite modification during wall installation.
  • Resistant to very aggressive cleaning and sanitizing agent. Easy cleaning.
  • 5 years’ guarantee. The ANTI-SCRATCH Property will make your cleanroom fit to the job and nice looking years after installation!