The unique Nicomac design is suitable for certified ISO 1, ISO 5 ISO7 -ISO8 clean areas. For manufacturing requirements, we provide complete project management including design, construction, support, and installation.

Semiconductor Nicomac cleanrooms
Cleanrooms facilities for microelectronic and semiconductor applications

Due to the sensitive nature of their products, cleanrooms facilities for microelectronic and semiconductor applications require stringent environmental controls. These clean rooms also house extremely precise and expensive equipment. Hence, any deficiencies in the cleanliness specifications can affect the entire production process. Flexible system is required.
Nicomac Cleanrooms comply with your requirements for the following:

  • High mechanical resistance wall
  • Anti-static wall system to maintain standards for semiconductor fabrication.
  • Removable wall to ease transfer of large equipment.
  • Flexibility
  • 5 years’ guarantee
  • Resistant to chemical agent for cleaning
  • Airtightness
  • UV filtered light
  • non-retention of particles
  • non-proliferation of contaminating agent
Anti-static Nicomac wall system

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