The theme of limitations on titanium dioxide use in the nutraceutical and food sectors keeps being at the center of attention. Euronovis and Nicomac Europe are absolute protagonists of the debate.

After the great interest gathered at Geneva during Vitafoods 2022, waiting for the the very interesting article tha  NCF will publish in july about the research done by UNIMI and supported by Euronovisa, the two Milan-based companies participated to the 61st AFI symposium at Rimini, on june 8-9-10. Even in this occasion the reflectors were on the fundamental change that will hit the nutgraceutical sector starting from the next august 7th: from this date onwards, in fact, the production of food supplements destined to the european market won’t be able to use formulas containing titanium dioxide for the preparation of capsules and coating of solid oral forms.

Mattia Spoldi, Euronovis technical director

The future of the nutraceutical, without titanium dioxide

In august will therefore end the six months of the transitional period after the implementation of the new UE 2022/63 Regulation that, in order to answer the precaution principle, forbids the use of titanium dioxide in the nutraceutical and food sectors. manufacturing companies must adapt to the new european dispositions, adopting new and alternative formulas without titanium dioxide (E171) for food supplements coating. Euronovis – for processes – e Nicomac Europe – for systems – lend themselves to support the companies of the sector in the TiO2 ➡️  TiO2 free switch. “it won’t be an easy change”, emphasized Mattia Spoldi, Euronovis Technical Director, to Rimini AFI’s audience and to journalistal Viviana Persiani, who will sign NCF’s article. Strong of the experience gained by supporting the recent study led by UNIMI’s Pharmaceutical Sciences Department and published on the International Journal of Pharmaceutics, Euronovis knows better than anyone else the intricacies of this passage that will inevitably cause an increase in prices and a delay in the shipment of finished products. how much this will impact on companies and end consumers will depend on how this change will be led.

The alternatives to titanium dioxide, E171, must have aesthetical and functional results comparable to previous standards

With Euronovis in finding the best TiO2 free solution

As a subcontractor for coating services Euronovis knows perfectly that for the production of food supplements it is essential to find solution capable of obtaining results comparable to previous standards without excessive increases in price. The quantitative method defined by UNIMI’s research for the study of the new TiO2 free solutions performances could represent the way for the search of optimal solutions for each specific productive need. Euronovis is the most reliable partner to lead this change on behalf of nutraceuitcal companies.


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