Over the past years, fluid bed technology has been progressed from a process to dry a granule quickly to a new technology that can be used for drying, granulation, particle coating and pelletizing.

The improvement in the technology is driven by the pharmaceutical industry asking for faster, consistent and re-producible process with less handling of the product. Nicomac with more than 35 years of experience in coating process, focused in a continuous innovation philosophy, designed the state of the art of fluid bed technology: NICOBED with unique TWISTER™ it. Patent pending system.

FBD is a bed of granules with a stream of air passing through particles at a right speed enough to fluidize the product. A uniform air movement is able to ensure a fast, gentle and uniform spraying and drying guarantying a homogeneous and reproducible product quality.

Nicomac technical department, in the past years dedicated deep studies and many trails to design and optimize the best technology to control the air flow. TWISTER™ it. Patent pending, is the innovative, original, winning system.

TWISTER™ System it. Patent pending is made by welded flaps to create a slot, at a pre-set slope, able to move the air in a controlled turbulence motion through the product bed. A net on the top, very easy to be dismantled, is able to guarantee that no particles will go down in the air distribution container and allow to completely remove the container for easy handling, easy inspection, easy cleaning.

The winning key of TWISTER™ system, it. Patent pending , is the right combination of an accurate controlled air direction flow with the exact air speed to minimize the pressure drop to ensure a perfectly balanced process preventing granule agglomeration and allowing an uniform and fast grow of the granule with low and controlled moisture residual. The TWISTER™ action, with low pressure drop, improve the efficiency of filters and allow very fast process.

High Tech Spraying System

  • Dosage Group includes a Watson Marlow peristaltic pump and high tech spray guns with double effect, controlled atomization air and “AIR BUBBLE SYSTEM” able to create the perfect condition to deliver the right quantity of solution on each granule avoiding any clogging. Spray guns are placed in the same air direction, on the top of the net for a perfect bottom spray, that combined with “AIR BUBBLE SYSTEM” guarantee even distribution of binder solution on each single granule for an innovative fluid bed processor able to produce homogeneous and reproducible granule.
  • We can handle powders with diameter from 15µ up to 1000µ or more.
  • Pellets coating can be performed in a NICOBED with very fast process with very uniform distribution of film coating or enteric film coating on pellets bed. Nicomac can perform for example the Omeprazole family pellets process starting from crystal sugar in our solid wall coater and perform the film coating and enteric film coating in NicoBed, the final result is fantastic as per uniformity, stability of the product and very fast process. No more HSM, Extruder, Spheronizer to produce Omeprazole pellet. You can do everything in Nicomac Solid wall coater in 35 hours or with the combination Coater and NicoBed FBD processor in two shift.

High Potency Product

Nicomac already supplied Nicobed and complete grunalation line for Cytotoxic, Cytostatic and controlled Substance from 5 to 50 kg. batch for OEB3-OEB4-OEB5. Nicomac can supply process development, LAB scale GMP to Production Batch of many highly potent product.

Choose Nicomac to Choose the quality, the innovative technology at reasonable price. Call Nicomac for a trial in one of the most modern Laboratory ISO8 approved by Italian Health Minister. Nicomac Laboratory where you find professional and dedicated team able to prove their process experience with high tech machinery.