More and more FDA and European standards are asking for full visibility of the cleanroom areas. This requirement is to reduce the need of accessing clean rooms, thus reducing the possibility of contamination caused by people. Glass, used for clean room walls, also, enhances the working environment for operator by increasing luminosity. It is also proved that operators put more care in handling operations in areas with full glass cleanroom walls.

Attractive and fully visible glass cleanroom wall systems can be supplied in any size requested. With our patent pending MI 8009A001281, the glass can be easily assembled and disassembled for equipment integration without the need to remove ceiling and flooring profiles. FDA inspectors welcome glass walls because it allows for inspections of cleanroom system areas without entering and risking contamination.

For secondary areas, Nicomac developed a fully or half glazed open space separation wall with dedicated rounded aluminum profiles.

  • A true modular clean room system
  • Clean room wall allowing full visibility
  • Clean room system with unique attractive design
  • Easy to supervise operation of the cleanroom area