Nicomac cleanroom doors can be configured as single/double swing-out or as horizontal sliding either manual, automatic or semiautomatic. Nicomac Pharmaceutical door panels are assembled with the same panels of the wall system. Swing out doors are designed to fit flush with both sides of the wall panel system and are supplied in several dimensions.

The internal framework is constructed of welded extruded aluminum profiles.
The external frames are manufactured with rounded anodized or epoxy coated aluminum profiles with air tight dual gaskets. All fasteners for the hinges and latches can be recessed into the door frame. Standard hinges allow doors to swing 180° degrees from full open to full closed position.

Nicomac pharmaceutical clean room doors are available also with interfacing profile for a flush and easy installation on existing walls.

  • Fully flush surfaces with wall system
  • A large variety of swing out pharmaceutical doors
  • Manual, semiautomatic and fully automatic sliding doors
  • Door hardware by world market leading manufacturers
  • Custom dimensions available
  • PLC controlled interlocking system for GMP compliance
  • Heavy-duty structure for high durability
  • Full compatibility with chemicals used for cleaning and sanitizing