Royal Free Hospital is one of the biggest hospitals in London with a suite of GMP laboratories amongst most advanced centres for Cell therapy.  The laboratory provides haemopoietic stem cell (HSC) manipulation and processing services and produces complex cell and tissue medicines.

Centre for cell gene and tissue therapeutics tag

The Centre for Cell Gene & Tissue Therapy not only produces routine blood stem cell transplant products for patients with blood cancers but, more importantly, is a specialist centre able to make medicines from human cells and tissues to treat complex diseases. It pioneered the first human stem cell derived wind pipe transplant in a child and is now producing engineered human voice boxes for cancer patients.

Fully glazed wall for cleanroom

Nicomac designed a fully glazed wall for Clean Room use with a GMP patented profile able to dismantle the Glass without touching floor and ceiling. Glass allows better supervision, provides a friendlier working environment and  allows the inspection of the Clean Room from outside thereby avoiding contamination issues.

Innovation, certified high quality, first class material, technology, detailed design, professional installation team, fast, proactive service. Nicomac is a trustworthy, reliable, client dedicated, consistent company with two manufacturing factories, 476 employees, financially strong and competitive. More than one thousand Clean Room projects in 47 countries all over the world have been completed. More than one thousand satisfied clients. Since 1977 we are at the client`s  side and we will be in the future.