Perforated Super Coater Model PSC Elite combines The unique coating pan design with unmatched coating performance. The Nicomac perforated coating system is a highly innovative technology with a new concept design able to move the coating process in a new era.

Blow Master™ (it. patent pending device N° MI 2009A001281) is able to change completely the concept of blowing inlet air in the perforated drum of a coating pan. Blow Master™ air diffuser is able to force 100% of the tightly controlled heating inlet air through the product bed itself just after the spraying area. Air dispersion through the perforations or the coating pan drum not covered by the tablets, typical of conventional perforated coaters, is completely eliminated.

Blow Master™ Advantages

  • Short process time
  • Reduction of a minimum of 50% the utilities consumption compared with conventional perforated coating pans
  • High yield, less than 2% of product loss

Efficient cleaning

A combination of external nozzles and internal sprayballs guarantees an efficient cleaning system of the coating pan.

Perfect mixing

“3D Shark fin baffles” combine the highest mixing efficiency with very gentle product handling.
Nicomac baffles are suitable for any kind ofproduct and batch size. No spare baffles are required.


Thanks to Blow Master™ and 3D baffles™, Nicomac SWC Elite coating pans have the ability to work at 15% of the maximum batch capacity in the same drum without any modification. AC Frequency control for differential pressure control and drum speed.

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