NICOFIT: new life for cleanrooms

An exclusive agreement recently has been signed between Nicomac Europe and PWS Group for the revamping of clean rooms for the pharmaceutical-nutraceutical-food industries.  This is a unique chance for our customers that allows them  to revamp the surfaces of their modular clean rooms, thus ensuring their functional and aesthetic restoration in a very short time with limited plant downtime or even without production interruption, wherever possible.



Bumps, strips with trolleys and pallets, cleaning and sanitizing operations or holes of instrumentation mounted on the wall and then disassembled, passages from one department to another open and then closed.

There may be several reasons why Clean room panels over time can get damaged. In addition to aesthetic damage, these defects can compromise the classification of the process area and can cause contamination to the products.

Thanks to the application of NICOFIT multilayer adhesive films, it is possible to restore the walls of the clean room without having to change and replace the panels thus guaranteeing continuity, functionality, and aesthetics.  The remediation process involves grouting, sanding, with dust extraction, restoring the continuity of the walls and, finally, the application of the film, whose external lamination protects the surface from greases, oils, acids, solvents, sanitizers of any kind (tested by CSI with all products used in the pharmaceutical field).  The wall is thus aesthetically equal to new and perfectly washable and sanitizable with hydrogen peroxide or other specific commercial products.

Cleanrooms at full color

PWS adhesive films can rejuvenate the aesthetics of clean rooms with a restyling of design. Who said that cleanrooms got to be necessarely white? The modular panels, without taking anything away to their primary function, can transform in decorative elements and brand-strengthening spaces. The polymer PVC base layer can, in fact, be coloured according to every need and taste or printed with the company’s logo or any type of image.

A winning partnership

Nicomac Europe is a leader in the clean room industry with more than 1,500 successful projects worldwide, and PWS Group is a leading company in the field of PVC/PET adhesive films used as an alternative and sustainable retrofitting solution in the most diverse markets.  From today, the partnership of these two groups will provide a technological product to be proposed at the forefront of revamping in the pharmaceutical-nutraceutical-food sectors, thus guaranteeing stability, quality and resistance with a prompt and professional service using materials tested and certified by the highly reputable, certification company, CSI.