Air quality control:
cleanroom integrated modules and systems

Cleanrooms are designed and built to host inside them air quality processing machines or control and instruments. Nicomac Europe’s technicians can support pharmaceutical companies with the integration of particular devices in specific areas of the cleanroom, in particular during its construction. to avoid discontinuity between surfaces and to optimize times and costs.

There are 3 typical elements that can be integrated in the realization of Nicomac Europe’s cleanrooms:

1. Unidirectional flow modules

These systems are implemented every time is required to have a department’s area with a better air quality.
The modules are are composed of:
– AISI304 structure, with external satin finish
– centrifugal fan
– aspiration grid with G4 filter
– H14 class HEPA exit filter

cleanroom qualità dell'aria

The exiting flow of air from the filter is maintained at a speed of 0,45m/s +/-20% by an electronic regulation board that controls the rotational speed of the motor of the fan.
The unidirectional flow modules are modular in many dimensions in respect of the operative needs and are normally hanged to cleanroom’s ceilings.

2. Weighing booths

To assure an ideal controlled contamination enviroment, it may be necessary to equip certain cleanroom areas with a better enviromental classification or with a “containment” for the execution of particular activities or processes.
A very common application is a booth implemented for weighing activities or dispensing of products.

Nicomac Europe is able to provide laminar flow hoods both standalone and completely in stainless steel or fully integrated in the cleanroom’s structure made with laminar panels, finishing profiles included. This second solution allows to optimize realization costs and times. Even when the implementation of the booth is required after the construction of the cleanroom it is possible to completely integrate it with the cleanroom structure.

Case History: Euronovis
At Euronovis has recently been built by Nicomac Europe a hood for the fractioning of products required by the coating operation. Overall time: 6 weeks, production stop: half a day (time required for the installation of walls and hood component) Euronovis, third-party tablet/pellets coating company, part of Nicomac Group.

3. Transfer box – Pass-box

The transfer of components or products from a department’s area to another can be made thanks to pass-boxes or material-passing systems. Their presence ensures the control of contamination standards in the passing between rooms with various levels of cleaning or between areas with different classification. Such systems can be made with the cleanroom’s walls and functionally integrated in the main ventilation system or stand-alone fan.

Nicomac Europe offers to its clients various solutions for material-passing boxes that can be selected depending on:
– size, from 600 to 1200mm length-wise
– ventilation system
– door interlock system
– decontamination system