The Perforated Super Coater NCS System is designed to process any type of tablet starting from 15-20% (based on core and formulation type) of maximum capacity, thanks to exclusive Nicomac Europe designed baffles that always ensure a perfect and uniform mixing. PSC ensures, in addition, quick working times and extremely easy cleaning, thanks to the automatic Washing & Cleaning In Place system (WIP-CIP).

State of the art coating process

Pellets, tablets, multivitamins, hard and soft capsules, difficult shaped cores: there’s almost nothing that the NCS systems can’t coat evenly, with the highest quality and in the quickest times. NCS Superior systems are produced in the PSC (Perforated Super Coater) and SWC (Solid Wall Coater) variants. Each one is designed and built to meet specific coating needs, but both share important features, such as:

Automatic batch unloading thanks to the inversion of the rotation; it works from a minimum 15-20% of the capacity (based on formulation and core type).

Exceptional performances thanks to Nicomac Europe original design baffles and top quality materials; the system is guaranteed to be explosion-proof, water-proof and air-tight

Humidity and temperature control, with automatic and adjustable guns equipped with an infrared sensor

Nicomac Certified Quality

We always aim for innovation, strength and safety. Our detailed attention through BIM design ensures the highest precision and dynamism. The purpose of the coating process is to protect the active substance from external air, avoiding a rapid degradation, protecting from bad taste during the ingestion and give to the tablet a pleasing appearence, making fundamental the uniform spread of the coating solution on the surface of all the tablets. With these goals in mind, us from Nicomac Europe, on the coating market since 1977, have developed NCS Superior, the most efficient, modern and advanced coating machine the market has to offer.